Track Name: Palette [feat. Namine Ritsu]
Artist: yuyoyuppe
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Palette [feat. Namine Ritsu]

look how cute they are


+69° 6’ 59.40”, -105° 3’ 18.59”

me: idk what id do if crime was legal for 24 hours
collieh: id probably finger myself in front of a baby



if a blog title is “die, cishets!” you can assume that its someone trying to make sj ppl look bad

or you can assume that some of you are actually that fucked up

Pussy like girls, damn, is my pussy gay?
It’s a holiday- Play with my pussy day!
Pussy this, pussy that, pussy cakin’
Pussy ride dick like she a Jamaican
Pussy stay warm, pussy on vacation
You loose bitches need a pussy renovation
You can eat it with a pussy reservation
Pussy ‘bout to get a standing ovation

if you ever call me baby girl theres a 100% chance my panties will fly across the room


i tried drawing her as badly as i could