neednt wouldnt mightve and sortve are the best urls

hi sorry i moved houses and we just now got wifi

school started today which sucks but i also accidentally killed a lizard which sucks even more

Track Name: Habits
Artist: Tove Lo
Album: Truth Serum - EP
Play Count: 118,175 plays


Tove Lo - Habits


Uh ive been losing at least like 20 followers every month or so and it stresses me out a lot and trying to keep my blog a certain type stresses me out major…..and i cant just be a “post whatever i feel like” blog because it fucks w/ my ocd so i think itd just be a lot less harder on me if i stopped using tumblr. or at least stop using it a lot like i do now. sorry

once i get my computer i might delete or just not use tumblr that much BTW



white lady and a duck in a rap battle

this a swan

no thats a white lady

faceq is a blessing